Having studied computers for a few years, I had my first IT job in a call centre in 1999, providing technical support for a large internet service provider. Having been there a year, I was about to invest in my first proper computer to pursue my interests. The obvious choice would have been a Windows PC. Around this time Steve Jobs had returned to Apple and launched the first iMac. Even so, Apple Macs were not yet popular. In spite of this, I bought a Power Mac G4, joined Barry, the only other Mac support technician in the call centre, and the rest is history. 

I then worked at a university, maintaining the Mac network, and supporting students and academics. Six years later I had a brief stint, and a reality check, working for a commercial support company, mainly working with architects and artists.

In 2010, I went freelance, creating a website called macsupportedlondon.co.uk. It was a bit of a mouthful (Mac Support London had already been taken..). After a couple of years I rebranded to Mac Thing – the meaning behind it is, when explaining to a Windows user how a particular task differs on a Mac, you might say, “It’s a Mac Thing”.

I optimised my website for search engines, and was soon swamped with enquiries.

A lot has changed over the last 14 years in terms of technology, and as I write in 2024, its progression remains relentless. In order to keep up, I set myself projects that encompass emerging technologies and techniques, as well as my own interests. It allows me a creative outlet, and a fun way to keep learning.

If feel lucky to have met so many interesting people through Mac Thing, and to have learned so much along the way. 

On the job circa 2019. I'm the one on the left.
On the job circa 2019. I'm the one on the left.